Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tess Munster Does Orchard Corset

Recently Tess Munster  did an amazing shoot with Orchard Corset. I visited their blog and saw these awesome shots they captured of her in some of their plus sized pieces. Orchard Corsets carry everything from Corsets to Shape wear; all at an affordable price. They actually have a sale going on currently until March 16th on All of their CS-411 Steel Boned Corsets.  I can almost Guarantee their is something for you on their site.

But back to Tess... i thought you guys would really love to see these images our fab Tess Munster. Serving us with Punk Glam realness Tess rocks the corsets perfectly.

 Tess Also Twitted this sexy circus themed shot from behind the scenes 

Behind the scenes with Varga Photography today! Unberbust by Orchard Corset ♥ P.S fun video of me shaking my...

YES TESS Team #EffYourBeautyStandards

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