Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More Hell Dress Arrivals From Domino Dolls

Maui 50s Dress


B-Movie Dress


Creepy 50s Dress


Mariam Dress in Lavender


Alice 50s Dress


Domino Dollhouse

Friday, May 23, 2014

3 Plus Size Models You Should Really Get To Know

First on our list is Fluvia Lacerda
This Brazilian bombshell has a face and body only the Gods could have constructed.
Fluvia Lacerda for Mar &N ua Barcelona
Fluvia Lacerda for Mar & Nua, Barcelona
 In June 2011, Full Figured Fashion Week honored Fluvia as Model Of the Year for her contributions to the plus sized fashion community
Bust Magazine 2012

Fluvia has worked with major brands such as Torrid, Igigi, Monif C. Fashion Bug, and many more. 
SPRING/SUMMER 2014 Mar&Nua Barcelona

Up Next is the stunning Lizzie Miller.
 Lizzie Miller first broke through the glass ceiling when she appeared in a 2009 September issue of Glamour Magazine. Untouched and unclothed Lizzie shared her beauty with the world and we embraced it and admired her.

Lizzie started her career very young and the age of 13 when she entered and Model Search and was signed to the amazing Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York. 

Lizzie isn't just a model. she also enjoys being a motivational speaker and being involved in many outreach programs 

All photos via

Lizzie Miller Facebook

Third is the brunette bombshell Ashley Graham.
Ashley Graham Collection
Ashley in Harper’s Bazaar

I was first introduced to Ashley Graham body of work when I heard about her Lane Bryant Commercial being banned for showing too much skin.

Ashley has done everything from Vogue to being the face for multiple Levi campaigns.

The 10 Hottest Plus Size Fashion Models

Currently Ashley has partnered with Addition Elle  and launched an amazing Lingerie collection

Ashley Commercial Spring Collection from justinervin on Vimeo.
Susan Bowlus
The AshleyGraham Collections
Ashley Graham Twitter
Ashley Graham Instagram

All of these women are different and beautiful. They aspire to inspire. I can not wait to see whats next for these talented women.

Friday, May 2, 2014

FFFWeek and the Flawless Bree Woodley

   DeVoe Signature Events which is a boutique events management company ran by CEO Gwen DeVoe presents the 6th annual Full Figured Fashion Week in New York. Gwen is the Creator and Executive Producer of FFFWeek. She has over 20 years experience in the plus size fashion industry. 
With over 20 events and 4 runway shows ,FFFWeek is an event that not only the plus sized world should support but the fashion industry period. 
This event has gon from a 3 day 1000+ attendance event to a 6 day  20 event nationally recognized celebration. 

Face Of FFFWeek 2014
This Years Face of FFFWeek winner was Bree Woodley this stunning lady deserved this! 
"The child of two warrior parents, Vivienne and Jonathan, Bree Woodley was born and raised in beautiful Brooklyn, NY. She is 21 years old, the mother of two amazing dogs, Lola and Paris, and big sister to her little gem, Janelle. Bree is currently enrolled in her third year at Long Island University, majoring in media arts and minoring in journalism. She has also been studying digital and dark room photography for the last four years.
Through volunteering, Bree has established some amazing connections within her community that allows her to interact with inspiring children. ‘Fyrezone’ is a non-profit organization that she has a continued relationship with. Fyrezone is affiliated with several Brooklyn middle schools and their goal is to build a foundation connecting fellowship, love and music amongst the students and the overall community. Being naturally artistically inclined, whether it be composing unique images, painting canvas abstracts or singing in the studio with the kids; Bree is a passionate and strong advocate for freedom of expression. She often spends warm sunny days laying in Central Park, photographing butterflies and bumblebees. Bree is interested in all things small and shares with us that this is how she remains grounded and mindful of her significance in this world. Bree says she is in love with life and chooses with purpose to treat each day like poetry." (via FFFWeek)

press passes are still available on the fffweek site. If you are going to be in the New York area June 16th you should really get one and enjoy this fashion goddess extravaganza.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Real Girl Real Fashion Ivy Maisonet

 Ivy Maisonet and what inspires her spunky original style....

I'm a pretty big movie and sci fi fantasy nerd and that does inspire a lot of what I wear. (Just ask my 2 full drawers of graphic tees! Hehehe)

 I love the beauty and elegance in old movies but also love classic rock and the grunge era, so I like to play with that particular cocktail!

I am an artist so clothes & creating outfits has always been fun for me! Its another form of art, just on your body! Its like a tiny adventure every morning building an outfit.

 My favorite places to shop are my job Torrid, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, Forever 21 and thrift shops are so much fun because you never know what you can find! 

I've also find cool things at regular department stores like Telco, it just depends on how you rock it! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Top Picks Round Up

I'm also excited about Domino Dollhouse Pagan Poetry Collection Part 2. Here are some of my favorite items from their amazing craft inspired collection. 

first lets just love on this lullaby dress. you could do so much with this , from adding legging or a nice pair of short shorts. you could even throw this over your favorite bathing suit for a chic Gothic beach look. 

Who doesn't love a  hat with studs. 
This dress can be worn any where. to lunch or work . There  is nothing like a versatile dress with a bold print. 

Domino Dollhouse

Second is Ka'oir Cosmetics Wet Paint Collection. This collection has many different colors from a shocking yellow to a vibrant orange, but this has to be my favorite shade. 
painted on by Kaoir
painted on
Painted On

Last but not least ...

Waikiki Beach Cover-Up Dress in Black & White,All-Out Allure Tights,and How Does Your Style Grow Tights 

Waikiki Beach Cover-Up Dress in Black - Plus Size by Becca Etc - Knit, Black, Solid, Beach/Resort, Cover-up, Short Sleeves, Summer, VariationWaikiki Beach Cover-Up Dress in White - Plus Size by Becca Etc - Knit, White, Solid, Beach/Resort, Cover-up, Summer, Variation

How Does Your Style Grow? Tights in Plus Size by Pretty Polly - Knit, Black, Solid, FloralAll-Out Allure Tights in Plus Size by Pretty Polly - Sheer, Knit, Black, Polka Dots, Vintage Inspired, Boudoir

"Vent Post"

I recently started shopping online for my new wardrobe. I tend to look for sites that showcase their plus size clothing right along side the...