Sunday, March 23, 2014

Break Out Model Arissa Lebrock on Arissa Lebrock !

(Behind the scene of her plus model mag shoot)

 Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing the stunning Arissa Lebrock of Dorothy Combs Models  and daughter of  Kelly LeBrock and action star Steven Seagal. With the cover of Plus Model Magazine under her belt Arissa is sure to be a top plus model in no time.  She told Fist Full Of Fat A Few things about herself from what she has to being on her shoots to celebrity crushes. 

What did you first photo shoot look like and do you still have any of them?

"My first photo-shoot was actually for my senior pictures turned fashion shoot! I ended up using them in my portfolio book and they were a hit!! Probably some of my favorite images ever."

(Arissa Senior Picture)
Who or what inspires you?

"Meeting really genuine new people. My mom first of all is a huge inspiration. She always helps me move forward through a hard or doubtful time. I will always remember how well she modeled therefore that pushes me to want to do even better! Another thing that inspires me is a beautiful view where I can clear my head and just be with nature. I'm a sucker for the mountains. I need them to survive and be whole. Oh and also Melissa McCarthy is an inspiration because she is weird and funny... i strive to be like her because I'm weird and funny haha"

Do you have any celebrity crushes? If so what attracts you to them? 

" I defiantly have a few celebrity crushes, but the most committed crush I have is for sure Charlie Hunnam. I first fell in love with him when I saw the movie " Green Street Hooligans". His continuous bad boy persona alone gets me so hot! Then of course his perfect body and face helps Haha!"

What is something that you bring to every shoot? 

"Shape wear, a few different heels, my book, hair extensions, a few different bras and some snacks!"

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

"I see myself being an inspirational top plus model whom is very successful and happy. I will always continue to touch other lives with my words and actions."

Do you have a favorite clothing item you never travel with out? 

"I'd have to say a beanie,I love my beanies! My collection never stops growing."

Last But not least what are some of your favorite charities?

"ASPCA, WWF , Toys For Tots... its so tough to only mention a few. there are so many great ones out there..." 

Be sure to check out Arissa's Cover and Spread in Plus Model Magazine which is currently available. 

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(this lady is awesome)

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