Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meow Undergarments

So i think I'm developing a slight obsession with thigh highs ... 
I recent purchased my first pair from torrid. They were on sell for 15.00 and fit perfect.
(image from torrid online)
Well if you want a nice pair of thigh huggers torrid has a sell currently going on in store and online. simply go to Torrid. com and enter code WILD1 and instantly get 30% off. i bought mine in store but the selection was nearly empty, so i suggest ordering yours online and take advantage of the online code . 
Thigh Highs can go with nearly any outfit and kick it up a notch. You can go from simple to sexy in no time with these babies. i felt like a true vixen walking around with my sheer maxi skirt  and white crop top from forever 21. 


    Currently all thigh highs are 15.00 bucks online on torrid.  
    The selection at torrid online and in store  isn't very large so ill let you guys know when i find some other chic thigh high suppliers. 


    I also purchased a new pair of spanx and they are awesome too. 

    I don't know about you gals but i tend to wear shape wear under a lot of my clothing for a smoother silhouette, which mean i used to have discomfort with seams and cuts of whatever I wore. I even gave up on spanx or even any other control top. 

    Little did i know Spanx had a surprise for me. Right next to thigh highs were these Black Higher Power Briefs. I literally have no complaints about these, Ultimate comfort and control..

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