Monday, April 28, 2014

Real Girl Real Fashion Ivy Maisonet

 Ivy Maisonet and what inspires her spunky original style....

I'm a pretty big movie and sci fi fantasy nerd and that does inspire a lot of what I wear. (Just ask my 2 full drawers of graphic tees! Hehehe)

 I love the beauty and elegance in old movies but also love classic rock and the grunge era, so I like to play with that particular cocktail!

I am an artist so clothes & creating outfits has always been fun for me! Its another form of art, just on your body! Its like a tiny adventure every morning building an outfit.

 My favorite places to shop are my job Torrid, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, Forever 21 and thrift shops are so much fun because you never know what you can find! 

I've also find cool things at regular department stores like Telco, it just depends on how you rock it! 

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