Friday, November 27, 2015

Rouge and Nude with REBDOLLS

Tis the season to be grateful and fashionable. Hues of red and natural nudes are
popping up and turning heads. Now I don't know about you guys but I am super happy that Fall has finally come.
The bright colors and spunky prints were okay but that just wasn't my style. After awhile a girl just needs something classy and chic to make her feel sexy. I started to notice a pattern and it was women finding and wearing different shades of nude and rouge.



  "With My Woes" Long Sleeve Swing Dress

I am quickly falling in love with this trend and Rebdolls are doing perfectly. Cant you see it; during the day a nice nude colored ensemble with hints of black and red. Ugh just to die for right! One of the main reasons I think this trend is amazing is that it doesn't take much to achieve these looks especially with REBDOLLS many options. 

 "Masterplan" Caged in Midi Dress

"First Lady" Ponte Midi Dress

From dresses to jumpsuits the options can be worn for busy mornings to cocktails with girlfriends.  check out more from REBDOLLS  and to nab some chic garments during their black friday sale click HERE

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