Thursday, February 20, 2014

Are You Wearing The Right Bra?

Did you know that by simply buying the right bra  in the right size you can appear to drop a full dress size. You would be surprised how many woman go years wearing the wrong bra size. Between weight gain/loss, children, and changes in your frame over time, your boobs change. I would advise that you get measured ever year just to keep up with any changes in your bust. 
Now how do you know if your bra is not the right size? Here are some telltale signs:

The back band rides up
Your boobs jiggle when walking, going down stairs, standing... 
your straps leave red whelps and/or makings on your shoulders
Side boob (need i say more)
Back Pain
Tension in the neck and shoulders
spillage or squished boobs
If your bras gives your any of these issues then you might want to go get measured and invest in a few new bras. 
I saw this check list on from 
Celine, your Bra Doctor. check it out to see if it time to throw that old bra away:
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